Latest: March 27, 2024

Zero-G Finance emerges as an innovative decentralized finance protocol, erected on the robust foundation of the Ethereum blockchain and intricately woven into the broad EigenLayer ecosystems. This platform affords users the unique opportunity to stake and restake select cryptocurrencies. However, it's paramount to understand that Zero-G Finance does not guarantee any returns from these staking activities. The decision to engage with the Protocol carries inherent risks and is wholly at the discretion of the user.

The Protocol is offered strictly on an "as is" basis, devoid of any form of guarantee or warranty, be it explicit or implicit. This absence of warranty encompasses, but is not limited to, the lack of guarantees regarding merchantability, ownership rights, specific suitability, or non-infringement of rights.

Risk Acceptance

Participation in the Services, as outlined in the Terms, and interaction with the Protocol, along with the general landscape of digital assets and decentralized systems, is fraught with inherent risks. These risks encapsulate the extreme volatility associated with the value of digital assets and the inherent dangers of engaging with such assets due to their nature and potential unauthorized actions by third parties. Furthermore, users might not always have immediate or guaranteed access to their assets, and there exists the possibility of losing all or a portion of one's tokens or assets. Users acknowledge their sole responsibility for these risks and agree not to seek recourse against any third parties for losses incurred. Such losses could arise from a range of issues including misinformation or incorrect data, software or network malfunctions, corruption of cryptocurrency wallet files, unauthorized access to assets, human errors, inaccuracies, or misunderstandings, and the actions of third parties.

Moreover, the digital asset markets are known for their volatility, driven by factors such as adoption rates, speculative trading, technological advancements, security measures, and regulatory changes. The costs and transaction speeds associated with blockchain and cryptographic systems, like Ethereum and EigenLayer, are variable and may increase significantly without warning. Users also recognize the risk of significant loss in the value of their digital assets while engaged with the Protocol. Engaging with the Protocol for staking and restaking could expose assets to seizure by others in the ecosystem, particularly in events like slashing. It's crucial to note that we neither manage nor control the Protocol and, thus, cannot be held responsible for any losses or risks encountered while utilizing the Services or interacting with the Protocol.

Privacy Consideration

The Protocol does not engage in the collection of personal data, and interactions are facilitated exclusively through your public digital wallet address. Users should be aware that any personal or other data disclosed in connection with the Protocol may not remain private or secure.

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