👋Introducing Zero-G Finance

What is Zero-G Finance?

Zero-G Finance stands as an innovative Liquid Restaking Platform, carving a niche for itself by granting users seamless entry into the vast domain of EigenLayer. At its core, Zero-G serves as a gateway, enabling users to tap into EigenLayer Operators offering yield surpassing that of conventional Ethereum staking.

At the heart of Zero-G's offerings is the Zero-G ETH (zgETH) LRT, a dynamic liquid restaked token (LRT). This token not only facilitates liquidity for assets funneled into EigenLayer but also transforms staked ETH into zgETH. This conversion process allows users to amplify their ETH staking returns, accrue EigenLayer points, and garner Zero-G points, all while maintaining liquidity.

Zero-G is a strong proponent of EigenLayer adoption and our mission aligns with creating an easy-to-access EigenLayer product.

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